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Cozy Cat Nest

Give your furry friend the best seat (and bed) in the house with the Cozy Cat Nest!

This cozy cushion of a cat bed adds extra warmth and protection when your cat is in the mood to hibernate. The inner layer surrounds all sides of the body and encourages cozier sleep times.  

Featuring a wall-to-wall plush pillow design, this cat bed will have your cat purring in comfort. The exceptionally comfortable materials and design offer your feline all the support he needs to sleep in any position possible. 


  • The layers keep them extra soft for winter
  • Composed of extra-plushy interior layer and basket shape exterior layer to help retain the structure
  • Sleek grey and white colors create a minimalist aesthetic that fits in with any interior space
  • Finally, small accents such as a leather-like tab and a snap are the cherry on top for a touch of sophistication
  • Dimension: 33cm / 13in. diameter x 26cm /10.2in. height

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