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Ceramic Cat Water Fountain

This uniquely designed Cat Water Fountain is the perfect drinking fountain for your beloved little pet. Its special design makes it easy to use for cats of all sizes and the water filter makes sure that your cat always has access to clean and safe drinking water. 


ENCOURAGES YOUR PET TO DRINK MORE WATER - Flowing water entices dogs and cats to drink more water. Flowing water increases the contact area between water and air, provides more oxygen to the water, and brings health and vitality to the pet.

EASY TO CLEAN - Made of high-quality PP resin, this automatic water bowl is BPA Free, non-toxic, durable, and it’s easy to operate and clean.

CIRCULATING FILTRATION SYSTEM - The circulating filtration system uses a replaceable charcoal filter to purify the water, remove hair, dirt and food particles. It provides fresh clean water to your lovely pets.

ULTRA QUIET PUMP - The pump is ultra quiet and consumes less power.

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