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iPet Fountain™

The best solution to help keep your furry friend happy and properly hydrated!

  • Relieves boredom
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves your pup's health!

Summer's here and it's getting a little too hot for your dogs to be out there without any water. With the Pup Fountain™️, you can get an easy and hassle-free way to keep your dogs cool and hydrated in the scorching heat all season long

Dog automatic water fountain dispenser

Super fun and interactive way to train your dog and keep them engaged. Saving your energy from having to refill their water bowl and gives them loads of fun every time they press the button.

Made from a highly durable stainless steel make-up that's reliable and doesn't break. Which means it can survive even the largest of dogs trampling all over it without any damage

With the Pup Fountain™️, you get more fun and interactive to not only train your dog but keep them hydrated for the hot summer season. Easy, reliable and best of all... a hydrated pup. 


  • Easy To set-Up- In just minutes. just set it up to your nearest outdoor hose and that's it. No batteries, electricity or complicated instructions needed.
  • Fun & Interactive- Keeps your dog engaged, focused and hydrated. Making it fun to train them and teaches them how to get water on there own without you.
  • Durable- Can withstand even the largest of dogs trampling all over it. Keeping it safe, intact and in perfect condition.
  • Stay Hydrated- Meaning you don't have to fill there bowl u every five seconds while there outside. Saving you time and energy from constantly checking on them to make sure they have water.


  • For best results make sure it doesn't go directly into the dog's nose or face, which may be too surprising when unexpected 
  • Once they see the water jetting up, their chase responses will be activated and they'll be interested and excited for more
  • S/he'll stick their nose in, take a drink and quickly learn they'll also stay cool and hydrated by activating the delicious freshwater flow 
  • They'll continue to step on it repeatedly, trying to bite and "catch" the spray! 

 Dog automatic water fountain dispenser


  • Push the open end of the braided hose through the hole at the back of the fountain and onto the barbed connector at the rear of the valve body. Screw the other end of the hose onto your outdoor faucet or garden hose.
  • Turn on the faucet part way. You may also wish to use a "Y" adapter from a hardware store to attach the hose to the faucet in order to allow use of the faucet for your main hose;
  • Remove the air from the hose by depressing the paddle on the Fountain until only water comes out;
  • Water standing in the hose can be heated by the sun. Let the water run before each use to ensure it's cool;
  • Place the Fountain in a shaded area or drain it when not in use. This will prolong hose life;
  • Be sure to disconnect during frigid or winter weather - Freezing will occur and cause possible damage to fountain and or pipes.

VERY IMPORTANT: If the fountain has been sitting in the heat, You must let the water run until it's cool, to remove stagnant water and prevent burning.  Don't let water stand in the hose as it can degrade the components.


    • Strength-hardened polycarbonate & stainless steel
    • No batteries or electrical cord required 
    • Hose Length: 40" 
    • Product Size: 8.6" x 8.7" 
    • Product Weight: 3.8 lbs